Monday, September 30, 2013

Programming Note, regarding Sparkshooter and Solo Acoustic:

Solo Acoustic will continue its regular schedule up through #34, on October 30th. It will then take a short hiatus . . . as we welcome back Sparkshooter! Beginning on November 6th, we'll see the final pages of Sparkshooter Chapter 2, delivered by Troy and guest artist Ben Olson (yeah, him!). Once Chapter 2 wraps, Ben will hop back over to his home at Solo. We hope to have further Sparkshooter news in the near future.

Troy BrownfieldSarah Vaughn, and Ben Olson

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Solo Acoustic to run in Lazyboy's Sticks & Stones zine

Indianapolis area people! Troy Brownfield and I have made a deal with Mr. Nick Jordan of Lazyboy's Sticks & Stones zine that will allow them to have Solo Acoustic running in their publication! Among the many fine Indianapolis locations wherein you can acquire this monthly missive to live music and culture are VIBES MUSIC, The Rock House, Indy CD & VinylMetamorphosis Tattoo & PiercingThe Magic BusMelody InnLUNA music, Hardwick's Tobacco Shop, Downtown Comics West and more. This does not alter any of our future plans for Solo Acoustic; it's an awesome and excellent bonus opportunity that happened to come our way which allows us to spread the word about Solo (and Sparkshooter) in a cool and extremely appropriate venue.
And stay tuned this week (or next week?) for some more exciting Solo Acoustic news!